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 PowerFist.US : Contributors 



Adam Weatherall

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Adam Weatherall is a Writer/Director/ philanthropist living in the Los Angeles area. He has been writing articles and doing photography work for over 10 years in the Southern California area. A few years ago he founded PowerFist.US with the help of an ancient “black panther” screen print, a passion for logic, and a hunger for the truth. After high school he studied at the prestigious S.F.A.I in San Francisco before being privately tutored by the multiple Pulitzer Prize awarded columnist Al Martinez. He suffers from Crohn’s disease and regularly writes on that subject as well as Alzheimer’s on many other websites , but here he is our resident debunker , fact checker, and Political Correspondent. You can follow him on twitter by searching PowerFistUS where you can watch him “wonking” away. Watch for his catch phrase “Logic Will Prevail.”




Kyle Katz

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If you find yourself stumbling around the Brentwood area of Los Angeles you might count yourself among the lucky few that has made acquaintance with Kyle Katz. Mr. Katz is many things but defined by none, and in fact if you were to ask him what he does for a living he might respond with a humble “this or that”. But if we were being honest, then Kyle Katz is better known under his stage name the “Sound Experiment” who performs locally and is the creator of one of the most lyrically complex albums in recent memory boasting such undiscovered gems among its tracks as “Groupthink” or the hypnotizing “Baby the world is ending.” To listen to Mr.Katz’s transfixing voice is to be transported to a digital playground where titans like Frank Sinatra , Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis still reign supreme. His music can be defined as modern, vibrant, and blissful; distinct in today’s current pop music culture . A while back Kyle became connected with PowerFist.US and has agreed to add his unique perspective on world events. For more on this inspiring artists thoughts and opinions you can read his articles here. To hear more of his music you can go to our media section where we have uploaded a small sampling of his repertoire . You can follow him on twitter at KyleTKatz.


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Calamity Cole

Calamity Cole is our resident artistic genius, and crack political cartoonist. Raised deep in the red rock lined hills of the Hippie sanctuary /refuge that is Topanga, she was emersed in the rich color palette of nature. There her talent was nurtured by the community and she was fashioned into a creative weapon for all the progressive causes. She was trained at both the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and then later at S.F.A.I. She has been featured in many publication’s both print and digital. Her work can be seen at CalamityCole.com. Check back to see what witticism she has most recently committed to pen and ink at our Political Cartoon section. She is our visual editor and graphic designer.  You can also follow her on twitter by searching CalamityCole.


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Nicole Leyden

Nicole Leyden is a singer/song writer native to Los Angeles.  She is influenced by a wide range of genres from Opera to Jazz and shares her deep love of music with her students who she teaches the violin and voice. Nicole Leyden has been recording musicians and singers for years and is excited to be part of the Powerfist team as their lead audio technician. Nicole is passionate about capturing the people’s voice delivering the truth through good journalism.



 Contibute to PowerFist.US and join the Team!  Are you closer to an issue either by Geography or sure Knowledge on the subject at hand. Submit to PowerFist and see if you have what it takes to spread truth and logic to the world abroad! *All articles go through rigorous fact checking and individual read through by every member of the PowerFist.US team before they are put onto the sight. Leaving appropriate time to confirm sources and effectively deduce all information given in the article. Thanks for reading, we appreciate your solidarity and thirst for knowledge.

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