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The World Since Edward Snowden


By Adam Weatherall


      June the 5th 2013 seemed like such a normal day in America. President Obama had just nominated Susan Rice to an ambassadorship and most of the main stream news was covering either the 45 year anniversary of Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination, or the public hacking to death of British Soldier Lee Rigby… Then on the morning of June 5th, the world learned

Pardon Me Mr. President

pardon me mr president copy

By Adam Weatherall



    The American president has the unique ability to circumvent the justice system by issuing official pardons to anyone of his choosing. Unlike most executive powers, the authority to grant clemency is unchecked by Congress and cannot be reviewed, blocked or overturned.

Thankful for Edward Snowden?

thank you edward snowden copy


By Adam Weatherall


The Holidays are here. A prepackaged X-mas was already shoved on to store shelves before we had time to recover from Halloween. But before we are thrust into yet another greed driven melee over yet another black Friday discount-palooza, millions of Americans will take the rare opportunity to gather with friends and family and celebrate Thanksgiving.

Podcast: What’s an Egotistical Giraffe?

podcast egotistical giraffe copy

What’s an Egotistical Giraffe

egotistical giraffe copy

By Adam Weatherall



    The latest Edward Snowden revelations about our fans at the N.S.A have got we here at PowerFist.US a little concerned. Not for our own privacy, no, because according to Snowden’s last leaks, with programs like Prism, X-Keyscore, and Lovelace in full operation, surely our privacy has all but vanished.

Podcast: Ghost in the Machine

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Ghost in the Machine

ghost in the machine

Adam Weatherall


           You know that whisper you hear? The one coming from deep within, echoing off the darker corners of your mind? Say hello to your inner conspiracy theorist.

The White Paper… our own private Minority Report?

the wite paper our own private minority report2


By Adam Weatherall

 My father once told me, “We don’t choose the things we believe in; they choose us.” -While the preceding could have been transcribed from Barack Obama’s book “dreams of my father” it wasn’t.

Prism Nation

Prism Nation



By Adam Weatherall


Last week former N.S.A contractor Edward Snowden released confidential slides relating to the operation of a program called “Prism”, and with it spiked sales of 1984, apparently America wanted to read up on the “Big Brother” that was watching them so closely.