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The First in the Series of Three!

first debate good

October 4, 2012

By Adam Weatherall

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It’s come to my attention that the majority of Americans who witnessed the first debate in the 2012 presidential election cycles series of three, are under the impression that Mitt Romney won vs President Obama. The subject matter was the Economy; seemingly the two opponents here are the most perfectly suited in their opposing belief structure to an engaging debate. It was also here that Mitt is expected to do well, this after all being the only arena he actually has real world knowledge on being from a business background with his years as head of  Baine Capital. I do not agree with those who share the view that Mitt Romney won, as a matter of fact quite the opposite. You see I was visiting a relative in the hospital that day and the first 10 minutes of the debate were watched gleaming out of the corner of my eye. My mind dancing between my Grandmother’s delightful stories while my eyes darted in the peripherals attempting to read the closed captioning. I must explain more as to why I was so eager to watch this debate and why I so rudely ignored Joanne’s tales which usually actually do serve to captivate me as she is profoundly knowledgeable about all that matters. My name is Adam Weatherall and I am a news junkie… I’ve heard the first step in fighting the addiction is admitting you have a problem. Explaining my addiction further the presidential debate would be to a sports fan’s March madness meets the super bowl meets the Olympics on steroids. Because politics are sports that matter, at least to me and well to you. The winner of my Superbowl decides the course of action for our nation, America you see. Not just whether or not he wants to go to Disney Land. Our union is the strongest military and economic power since the Roman’s gave way to the British and the sun never set on the Union Jack. So it gives me quite a thrill when i see my candidate score a goal. A thrill I was imbued with as we drove home that night. As I listened to the debate intently on AM 640 for its remainder.  I glanced over at my wife and we exchanged mental high fives whenever we heard the POTUS score a verbal blow to the Mitt. We heard a humble President present his argument with humility, his office often times sorely lacks and intelligence that the last President desperately needed. We saw him present his case vs. a man with a sense of country club entitlement so large he would in the midst of the debate promise to pull all funding from PBS, which was the station hosting the debate theoretically putting an end to the first in the series of debates which PBS traditionally holds. Mitt Romney was rude, rhetorical and most importantly wrong throughout most of the debate. It was to our complete astonishment once the debate had ended and the pundit began to prognosticate or speculate or whatever it is they are paid to do, insight violence or what have you, that we realized the announcer called it hands down for Mitt the Twit, the man who couldn’t even get re-elected to a governorship he once held if now honestly contending with the President Obama in open forum? How could this be so? We reacted violently as expected and cursed the radio waves before slamming the button down to classic rock. When I got home I watched the debate again in its entirety by now the Twitterverse was already talking mostly claiming victory for the Mormon from Massachusetts I struggled to see what they saw. And then it hit me: they’re not all addicted to the news like I am. They haven’t lived and breathed the facts for the last 12 months and followed the flea circus known as the republican caucus all the way from Rick Perry’s NiggerHead Ranch to Newt’s Moon Base like I have, so they don’t know he’s simply lying when he talks. I don’t know how many hours and hours of gotcha footage there is of Mitt Romney but I feel as though I have seen the movie and it was a trilogy. He lied as governor, he lied in business, he’s lied repeatedly on camera over and over again and it didn’t seem to faze him and it doesn’t seem to faze a segment of the populace now either. A good portion of those with Oval Blue “MITT” bumper stickers are quite comfortable with the nuclear football being 50 feet behind a man that four years ago was laughed out of his own caucus by members of the republican elite and touted as a “flip flopper” and “ a man you just can’t trust” – John Mccain. Whatever it takes to get Barack Obama out of office seems to be the general mantra coming out of the republican base these days. Whether that action is collectively holding stubborn as our country’s credit rating plummets or voting for a man they just can’t trust. As I watched the debate I realized what they saw though the American populace often mistakes humility for weakness and courtesy for cowardice. This is a clear example of this happening. I heard some compare this to Nixon’s failing vs Kennedy in the first televised debate in 62, in which historically Nixon appeared to be trounced by a younger more energetic Kennedy, Nixon had the flu and a fever of 102 and appeared sweaty and lethargic as a result. Barack Hussein Obama did not have the flu just a rampant case of courtesy that has plagued him these last four years. He promised among the myriad of other miracles the be the president who worked with the other side. A feat which proved impossible with a more contentious republican party than to be expected. One more reference for sports fans because I believe it uniquely applies, our president being the first Black president, presented himself a lot like Jackie Robinson; a team player to a fault, clearly the MVP but content as long as there’s a big W in his teams scoreboard. American’s, I believe, honestly finds Jackie Robinson a harder tale to relate. Most of us have not experienced direct racism and the ignorance of irrational hate. Here we praise the Muhammad Ali’s, those who can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, those who are not afraid to acknowledge just how pretty they are. And that’s what Mitt Romney presented himself as to an Attention Deficit stricken American populace who didn’t know any better. Mitt did an excellent job of riding the line between the vague and nondescript and in doing so captured a portion of the viewing public whose knowledge base is just as extensive. My advice to President Obama is to take a page from the aforementioned Cassius Clay and not pull any punches in these upcoming two debates less his off season starts November 3rd.

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Adam Weatherall
Adam Weatherall
Adam Weatherall is the political correspondent for PowerFist.Us a company whose mission is to spread truth and justice to all within it's reach, but more specifically to cover news stories that are often times pushed aside by larger media organizations.