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Release the Biden

release the biden

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October 11, 2012

By Adam Weatherall

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The two iconic political animals have been for a while now the stubborn donkey and the gluttonous elephant. Not since the advent of Teddy Roosevelt’s Bull Moose endeavors has the political world seen entry by another contender to our voting box mascots. But today I offer you another choice, and I believe from the democratic perspective there could not be a better time and place to release this seldom seen and elusive creature upon the political world. My call is to “Release The Biden!”  You see Joe Biden isn’t just our vice president and one hell of a guy. He is also a political beast. A man who was built by the same machines that constructed the hearts and minds of the greatest generation.  A senator who is so obviously for and by the people that his mere presence is like kryptonite to talking point republicans who dwindle back from this unchained democrat attack dog. There are many a democrat that fear releasing the Biden as the residual damage he creates in his wake is sometimes difficult to resolve.

But releasing the Biden does several helpful things from a strategist point of view. Not every politician is afforded the unique ability to say what he feels on such a regular basis as the vice president. Unhindered by most of his parties reprimands save a stern look from our intellectual and sometimes all too proper P.O.T.U.S. . This brings up another helpful point; Biden is often times able to say what the president simply cannot, not due to inability obviously, but rather due to the immense social pressures now placed on the president and his family and how they are perceived in real time to the American public. When the president moves left that’s when the polls say he should have gone right, and when he moves right he’s not moving far enough left, if he stays in the middle… You get the picture. America is a large country filled with a multitude of opinions about all subjects, it is impossible to please everyone all the time. And yet as the vice president Joe Biden seemingly doesn’t have to. Every Time he steps up to the plate he can point wildly into left field and swing away without impunity knowing that even if he swings and misses that he is still strengthening both his and the presidents base. As for criticism, the Biden received for this debate, but to me  appeared to be more like a verbal execution performed by an elder statesman in his arena upon a rookie newcomer and the results were as to be expected.

Ryan lost this debate pitifully. While his counterpart in Mitt Romney might have been well polished in his delivery of the Karl Rove written counterpoints through months of attrition during the republican primaries, Ryan had no such practice, and it showed. The congressman stumbled over words, his pale blue eyes seemingly searching the crowd for a card to read from. He had little defense prepared for the Biden’s direct assault on all his long held beliefs, Joe often times not giving him the time to fully go into the depth of his rhetoric instead keenly deciding to refute his points as soon as they were made with facts. But this was not Paul Ryan’s fault implicitly there is no talking point stronger than an angry Biden armed with the facts, and simply no way to dissuade his advances once a weakness is perceived. In the first 30 minutes of the debate that’s all the congressman managed to exhibit, weakness, and not just his own either, but he managed to expose the fragility of the republican platform itself. The 2012 republican platform is in its essence not a platform for a singular ideal that the entire party shares, but rather a multitude of clever phrases and statements that all American’s more or less agree with and hardly any are offended by. Case and point, lower taxes are a good thing, or being proud of our American servicemen and women who so bravely fight on our behalf. We all believe these things yet the Republican Party seeks to solely own their ideals as they do the Flag itself pretending they belong to them and them alone. While everyone loves lower taxes typically it will be a republican administration, at least historically speaking, that will actually raise those taxes on the majority of Americans. But this is not the case if you ask Grover Norquist and all his cosigners to the pledge to not raise taxes, even though the “facts” in this instance would show you that more than half of the names on Grover’s list already have at some point in the careers done just that.

When facts go head to head with rhetoric, nine times out of ten facts will win , although last week’s presidential debate saw the least likely outcome happen. As Mitt Romney was able to glide over context in exchange for smiles and inane banter America witnessed a frustrated Barack Obama attempt to deal with, in certain instances, outright lies. The clear answer democratic strategist put into action was to “Release the Biden!” and I couldn’t agree more. I would go further and ask for inner party grumblings to subside whenever the Biden chooses to speak at press conferences and let the awkward jab slip, this is part of Joe’s charm.  And as Joe Biden rides a train home to Delaware powered by his own patriotism, nestled under a flag in his Amtrak sleeper car. We should all take a second (if you’re a democrat) and thank your lucky stars the Biden is on your side. A man of the people for people who happens to laugh every time he hears lies. The only thing republicans can do is feed their Limbaugh more pills and hope he grows strong enough to compete with the new democratic mascot the “Biden!” Because I will have seen just about everything when I see an elephant out talk dear old Joe.

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Adam Weatherall
Adam Weatherall
Adam Weatherall is the political correspondent for PowerFist.Us a company whose mission is to spread truth and justice to all within it's reach, but more specifically to cover news stories that are often times pushed aside by larger media organizations.

  • A Moderate Democrat

    “Releasing the Biden” would be an interesting strategy moving forward for the Democrats. With the Republicans refusing to compromise, it would be nice to see the Democrats be ballsier and throw their strong “left hook” out there. Maybe that way Republicans would break their no compromise attitude and settle in some middle ground on various issues.

    However, I have some problems with this article. Namely, it doesn’t back up various claims about Biden such as the claim that he is so obviously “by and for” the people. Further, the reason Biden is under less scrutiny than the President for what he says is because people don’t care about what he says as much. So, it would be nice for this post to delve into how the Democrats would make Biden’s opinion’s matter or how they would legitimize them in the ongoing Congressional debates. Ironically, it would be the Democrat’s task to legitimize Biden’s opinions by making him appear like an honorable statesman rather than the crazy, unleashed blue monster pictured above (no one wants to compromise with a monster).

    • “the weatherman”

      Thanks “A Moderate Democrat” for responding to my article on the first vice presidential debate. Your Right! I agree with you 99% of your statement, where are opinions seem to differ is how to best utilize the position of vice president, I believe the Democrat’s have their great moderator currently in the current president, though in his first term he was more of a lightning rod then a band-aid as far as bi-partisanship healing goes. I believe that what Joe Biden presented in the debate in question represents something that the republicans have long known there is a place in American politics for anger, namely because there are a great many American voters that are angry themselves. Your audience is much appreciated.Thanks again for reading articles on PowerFist.US.

      -Adam Weatherall

  • captain katz

    What a fucking maestro with words you are, my friend. I didn’t see a comment box on “trayvon martin blues”, but that was an absolutely brilliant piece. I listened to death letter blues before I read, which made for an all-the-more enticing read, but mood music aside, your little stabs at celestial rock-tossing (to paraphrase someone’s expression) strike with dead aim. The “Biden” was great too, and while his smugness did, to a degree, bug the shit out of me during the debate, this piece has actually given me a new perspective on the guy. Keep up the good work buddy.

    • “the weatherman”

      Wow, thanks for a the kind words this post Christmas day, please come back and keep reading. That’s what we need some new perspective on a good V.P.